View Full Version : First AJAX request goes through fast; subsequent ones very slow.

17 Jul 2013, 5:12 AM
Below is my UI. Apologies for blurring some parts out.
I have a dropdown, a checkbox, a grid, and couple of buttons. The grid's data gets refreshed everytime the user selects a value in the dropdown. The checkbox for opting out of email reminders directly fires an AJAX request (via my custom ExtJS class).
Here's the problem I'm facing:
When I load up this page first time, and I test the dropdown, changing it rapidly to test it, the grid refreshes within 1-2 seconds, reflecting the response from the AJAX call.
When I check/uncheck the checkbox the first time, my AJAX request fires and returns a response within 1-2 seconds.
But after I've performed step 2 once (only once!!), any subsequent AJAX requests from the dropdown or from the checkbox take around 38-40 seconds.
I debugged to ensure that it is not a server-based problem. It is something to do with my AJAX request. The fireEvent method belongs to Ext.util.Observable.
Has anybody faced such issues where the first AJAX request goes through fast, but all subsequent ones take time?


18 Jul 2013, 7:00 AM
I haven't noticed any such issue and my app sends many ajax requests repeatedly. Can you post the exact request posted both the first and second times?

21 Jul 2013, 11:14 PM
I am POSTing data with my AJAX request. If they are multiple GET requests, each request works fine. But if the request is a POST, the first request works fine, but subsequent ones take a long time.

22 Jul 2013, 1:00 AM
I know you already said this issue isn't server based - but if this were happening to me that is where I would be looking for the problem rather than in the EXTJS framework.

You could always run a test by using JQuery and the $.Ajax() function within that framework to check if the same issue exists. This would at least help diagnose where the issue lies.