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13 Jul 2013, 4:59 AM

I am using ext js 3.3.x version in which inside a tab i am loading a IFRAME with a form. In winXp IE8 it works fine but on win7 IE8 the tab data which is iframe not loading at all.

In one function first I am creating iframe as below:

caseIntakeIframe = document.createElement("iframe");
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('id', 'caseIntakeFrame');
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('border', 'none');
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('frameborder', '0');
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('style', 'overflow-x:scroll;overflow-y:scroll;');
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('scrolling', 'yes');
caseIntakeIframe.setAttribute('src', 'some address');

after that uising below command adding to 'case123' tabpanel, so I noticed inside Win7 that Iframe created successfully in body but adding of this to the tab is not working whereas in Winxp it is fine... please suggest..


Additional thing , in win7 IE8,9,10 when I Tab ccontent try to load i get a permission denied in below line of ext-all-debug file...In winxp ie 8 I get this permission denied in another line but there content loads whereas in win7 not

createElement : function(name, pnode){
this[name] = Ext.get(pnode.appendChild(el));

Just to mention that case123 do exist

13 Jul 2013, 9:28 AM
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