View Full Version : How to Not generate RTL css and images when building themes?

31 May 2013, 10:43 AM
I am using Sencha CMD to build themes from Ext JS 4.2.1.
The default is to generate 'standard' css and images, plus the RTL equivalents.
I don't want the RTL css and images, nor the debug css.
What is the 'proper' way to disable this part of the package build?

Any pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated!

3 Jun 2013, 12:10 PM
There's not a build option toggle to opt out of building the RTL resources for a theme currently. Out of curiosity why opt those out?

3 Jun 2013, 12:41 PM
Thanks for responding!

Why: Because I don't want to deploy a bunch of stuff that's not used. And, I don't like waiting for things to compile that I will not use, it slows down my test->change->compile cycle.

I wrote a script to extract just the files I want, so I'm good now.