View Full Version : PageFlip & Non-flexibility of Sencha Touch

31 May 2013, 12:52 AM

for a while now I've been trying to develop 'page-flip' effect in Sencha Touch.
Since all the animation is carried through Ext.Animator (that is an instance of CssTransition) that basically means all you get is FROM -> TO animation.

So far I've come up with something like this (reduce browser size of you'll get a headache) : http://jumpright.in/magazine/ (http://jumpright.in/magazine/)

But in reality I want something like this: http://marcbuils.github.io/Flippage/

I'm unable to hook into sencha with custom scripts or manipulate the DOM (creating hidden DIVs and such) because the framework doesn't like such behavior and reacts badly.

Basically I'm trying to start a discussion on ways to implement such a feature because Ext.Animator isn't really the way to go.

PageFlip is a very common and useful feature that sencha community would benefit from.

1 Jun 2013, 1:00 AM
Have you seen this example:


I wonder if this might be easier to implement, having been made using Sencha Animator?