View Full Version : Animation not working properly on FF20 +

27 May 2013, 1:23 AM

I've built a little animation with version 1.3 (trial) that has troubles on FF and Ms Explorer. You may see the preview here: http://dev01.edenexit.com/demo/sencha/animator1/

The first animation from left to right doesn't work well, leaving a strange trail. If you click on the button that takes back to frame 1, sometime it works better. I've tried placing both png and gif transparent image (the man icon) over the green background but I can't notice any difference. Also, I've checked the firefox browser support.

Explorer 9
The animation just does not work at all.

Works fine

Please let me know if that's a known issue or if there's a way to fix it. Thanks.

28 May 2013, 7:14 AM
It works fine for me in the most recent stable firefox (21) and beta (22). What OS are you running? We don't support IE.

28 May 2013, 7:43 AM
Hi, thanks for answering. I was running Firefox 20.0.1 on Windows Vista. Now I upgraded to 21 but it still keeps the funny trail. Anyway, I manage to solve the issue by giving a 99% transparency to the sprite at the beginning of the animation and it works fine both on Chrome and on Firefox. Thanks.