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21 Oct 2006, 7:17 PM
I'd like to make a YUI Panel resizable or at the very least a simple div. I thought resizable-lib would provide this, but I can't get it to work. I keep getting an error that onMouseDown is undefined.

Am I misunderstanding what Resizable does? I didn't see it in docs index.

As I'm posting this, I realize that the post new topic page has a Resizable component. I'll look at that as an example, but more examples would be nice. :)




22 Oct 2006, 5:01 AM
I will definitely make a page with a few examples, that's a great idea.

In the meantime, the comments dialog on my site is also using Resizable (pinned).

22 Oct 2006, 7:19 AM
The comments-box on the page and this blog entry helped a lot.

After rendering a Panel, I applied Resizable to it. I wanted the panel borders to be the handles, so I removed the background images and the background color from the handle making them transparent. This worked great.

The only issue I found was if you use multiDirectional and have a shadow on the Panel, the shadow changes size but doesn't move left or up when you resize in those directions.

If I figure that out, I'll post the code.