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3 May 2013, 9:49 AM
I have a Formpanel which has a border layout, It has just 2 regions north and center. The north region is fixed. Inside center region I have one panel having add and remove buttons.. When I press add another similar looking panel gets added into the center region and when I press remove that panel gets added.

The whole problem with this is that I have to manually increase or decrease the height of the form which is not an elegant solution. Is there any way where i can make the form panel dynamic in height so that when i add panels to center region . What other layouts do u suggest. Someone suggested me grid layout but it would be too cumbersome at this point to change to that.

This is how i adjust the height of the form

var panel = bttn.ownerCt.ownerCt.ownerCt.ownerCt;
var panel = bttn.ownerCt.ownerCt.ownerCt.ownerCt;
var centerPanel = Ext.getCmp('centerP');
var index = centerPanel.items.indexOf(panel);
var pane = new My.Panel({
panelCount: centerPanel.items.length+1
var form = Ext.getCmp('formPanel');

Thanks in advance

6 May 2013, 7:42 AM
Border layout doesn't support auto-heighting so this isn't possible what you want.