View Full Version : Compatibility Issue with IE9 and JSP

23 Apr 2013, 2:38 AM
Hi friends,
I am facing an ironic problem while integrating Spago BI(a reporting tool, which internally uses Ext JS) into my jsp application.

after adding the following code snippet everthing is working fine with FF and chrome
if (typeof Range.prototype.createContextualFragment == "undefined") {
Range.prototype.createContextualFragment = function (html) {
var startNode = this.startContainer;
var doc = startNode.nodeType == 9 ? startNode : startNode.ownerDocument;
var container = doc.createElement("div");
container.innerHTML = html;
var frag = doc.createDocumentFragment(), n;
while ( (n = container.firstChild) ) {
return frag;

But, while using into IE9 the ajax loader spinner never gets disappear, it runs and runs.

Can somebody help me in this regard,

If required more information please feel free to ask and reply for the post.