View Full Version : Render Chart after drag & drop

18 Apr 2013, 2:13 PM
Hi all.
I have one grid with draggable row elements, and 2 DropTarget defined (which are ext.panels).
The drag and drop is all set, so I can drag one row to one of the defined panels. What I need is to draw a chart when I drop one of the row elements.
I'm using the notifyDrop function in the DropTarget, which is working for seting a drop notification (alert message), and I also have the code to render the chart inside the notifyDrop, but the chart doesn't appear :-|
If i don't use the notifyDrop and instead put the code in the items of the DropTarget panel, the chart appears, but the idea is that the chart only needs to appear/render whenever there's a drop.
Any thoughts on this?