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25 Feb 2007, 3:33 AM
Just trying out the Alpha 2 release and have found that split panes in IE6 and IE7 don't seem to resize - but they work fine in Firefox 2. They were working for IE6/7 in the previous Alpha 1 releases.

Great collection of scripts.

25 Feb 2007, 3:36 AM
I am working on them right now.

25 Feb 2007, 4:17 AM
I just put up Rev 2.

25 Feb 2007, 5:45 AM
Unfortunatelly the resizing has changed pointer when over the split and is awfully slow in IE and stopped working in FF2 in alpha2 rev 2.

EDIT: in both cases (IE, FF) it is that if the pointer leaves the (thin) splitbar, resizing stops (so the events are lost from outside the splitbar) which was not the case with 1.0 alpha1s.

With both alpha2s i've got some more stopshows like this:

Ext.DomQuery.pseudos[_42] is not a function
Line 14

Everything worked with alpha1s. If needed I can provide you with temporary acces to the app demonstrating those problems. Thanks.

Full firebug info:

Ext.DomQuery.pseudos[_42] is not a function
byPseudo(null, "1-userDetail-dlg", "undefined")ext-all.js (line 14)
DomQuery(Document ausersadmin)ext-all.js (line 16)
DomQuery("#athenaid:1-userDetail-dlg div.x-dlg-tab", Document ausersadmin, undefined)ext-all.js (line 14)
CompositeElement("#athenaid:1-userDetail-dlg div.x-dlg-tab", undefined)ext-all.js (line 24)
_6("div.x-dlg-tab", undefined)ext-all.js (line 20)
BasicDialog()ext-all.js (line 120)
BasicDialog(Object dom=div#athenaid:1-userDetail-dlg.x-dlg, Object modal=false autoTabs=true width=80% height=450)ext-all.js (line 120)
__init__(<"Instance" of MyVG1Module.AdminUsersElement> node=div#athena:1 childWidgets=[0] objectID=1, div#athena:1)MyVG1Module (line 390)
(no name)()Divmod (line 240)
subClass(div#athena:1)Divmod (line 170)
get(div#athena:1)Nevow.Athena (line 817)
_instantiateOneWidget(function(), div#athena:1)Nevow.Athena (line 1036)
_instantiateWidgets()Nevow.Athena (line 1077)
_initialize()Nevow.Athena (line 1136)

25 Feb 2007, 5:53 AM
Either you haven't updated your includes or their is something else wrong. The splitter work good for me in FF. A link will be great.

25 Feb 2007, 6:46 AM
Jack - wow - that was quick!

Split panes now working again for IE 6/7 as well as Firefox.

And you also got dialogs moving again in IE 6/7.


25 Feb 2007, 6:46 AM
I've sent you a pm with access details. The app access might be slow as this is routed right to my notebook on my desk right now, but should be ok for testing purposes.

Shame on me if i've done something wrong, but hope i'm not. I can switch the app to the alpha1 release at your will.


25 Feb 2007, 11:38 AM
Jack was so kind to look at the app so this is the outcome if anybody cares:

1) splitbar (non)-fuctionality was credited to the use of an iframe. It was working before 1.0a2rev1 and is working now with 1.0a2rev3 though.

2) The ugly error was credited to the use of ids in html in the form of "athenaid:1-some-id" which is what divmod.org's nevow athena does. While this perfectly fits into the html/xml standard, the use of an semicolon in css selector must be escaped, but this is not (currently?) supported by DomQuery.

jack said:

These are what DomQuery supports for ids and tags:


so i've made some hack into the DomQuery regexps to allow the escaped colon in ids. Why it was working before the 1.0a2rev1 is unknown. If someone uses Nevow and wants the changed file, let me now (when the wiki will be up?)

Thanks all.