View Full Version : combobox setValue/setRawValue dont change highlighted value when combobox expanded

8 Mar 2013, 2:01 AM
Using the combobox.setValue() and .setRawValue() methods on a combobox that is already loaded successfully changes the value displayed in the combobox itself

however.. if the drop down list is expanded (drop-down list is clicked to show all values available for selection) the value that is actually highlighted is the value at the top of the list, not the value that has just been set.
This is different behaviour to if you were to change a combobox value selection manually instead of through the javascript methods

what is the correct method of repositioning which value is actually highlighted?

thanks in advance - it would be really helpful to know this!

10 Mar 2013, 8:30 PM
What Ext JS 3.x.x version are you using?

11 Mar 2013, 12:32 AM

16 Jun 2016, 6:39 AM
Was this issue ever resolved? I'm having a similar issue in ExtJS 6

17 Jun 2016, 7:01 AM
Actually, this appears to be due to a plugin I'm using...nevermind.