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27 Feb 2013, 8:11 AM
Now that Microsoft is releasing IE 10 for Windows 7, what updates, if any, are going to be made available to ExtJS 3.x to enable it to play nicely with this new browser version.


I realize that it is not Sencha's policy to publicly announce information regarding release dates. However, given that this new browser version breaks code, I feel that some information regarding a release should be provided.

Thank you

27 Feb 2013, 9:12 AM
We are in the middle of getting Ext JS 4.2.0 to be a GA release. Once 4.2.0 GA is released, we have stated that we will work on a 3.4.2 patch release to include IE10 support.

28 Feb 2013, 10:22 AM
Okay, so the conversation with customers is as follows,

"Well, the software we're using doesn't support your browser"
"No, we don't know when it will"
"Yeah, we asked them"
"Yes you're screwed"
"Why do we use ExtJS?"


28 Feb 2013, 11:19 AM
The real question should be, why as a supposed decent developer, are you only recognising this issue now - when IE10 has been available for testing for over a year, and publicly available since Windows 8 was released over four months ago?

If your customer is also asking such questions, then I assume they might ask why YOU can't fix it - and your answer would be what? Because you can't be bothered to look at manually fixing something temporarily until an official fix is made available?

If you're using a third party framework, then you have to accept that sometimes your priorities may well not match those of the framework author. Who are we to set their priorities? For all we know, Sencha's biggest customers might be in dire need of the changes they are currently working on in the latest version of 4.x - therefore that quite rightly takes their highest priority.

The simple response really is thus: If you're not satisfied with the responses from Sencha, or willing to accept the pitfalls of using a 3rd party framework - then go write your own. Obviously Sencha aren't going to say that, since it would be terrible customer service - but if I were them I'd be sorely tempted to say it ;)

Am I a Sencha fanboy? Probably. Am I possibly being too over-defensive? Perhaps. But I'm just shocked at the ungratefulness of some people, who are clearly unwilling to solve the problem themselves if the issue really is that critical...

28 Feb 2013, 12:04 PM
First of all, who said it was just now that this is realized. I certainly didn't mean to imply this is some type of surprise or shock.

To the question of why I don't fix it. Hmmm... First, I'm not some spoiled brat that considers it beneath himself to go fix code. I get my hands dirty like any other person in this business. If it gets mission critical, believe me, I will be knee deep in the muck.

The reason why I won't fix it now is because we pay and rely on Sencha to provide a product which is their obligation to support. Do you think development time is free? Do you think our development team's time grows on trees? Apparently Sencha does when they put out 4.x and expect all the faithful to drop what they're doing and spend a 1/2 a year or more upgrading to all so they can have performance problems. When you purchase a product, standardize to it, spend 3 years building and porting over to, and you pour your sweat and money into, and you hear them say, "Sorry, we will get to it later"--later being a magical and unspecified time in the future--you may be slightly annoyed. When a company says their products do this and that and they don't do this and that, you get frustrated, you lose trust.

Ultimately, it's my fault for choosing a company that decided to make a trainwreck called 4.x and make it virtually impossible to upgrade to, impossible to stay at, and impossible to leave. I wish I could change that fateful decision but I can't.