View Full Version : Ext.editor, textarea, and the grid expander.

20 Feb 2013, 8:13 AM
I am trying to display a textarea in the subrow of a grid using the Ext.ux.grid.Expander object. The issue is the behavior of the textarea, If I just load the textarea into a panel in the subrow, then the cursor does not behave properly, I believe because of the way the grid is capturing keystroke events. (By that I mean that you can't use the arrow buttons to move between lines in the textarea, can't use the enter button to make a new line, etc.) So I've tried using the Ext.Editor object to handle the textarea. If I use the editor without making it an item in the subrow panel, then the textarea works properly but it doesn't scroll with the row when the grid scrolls. But if I make the editor an item of the panel, then I still experience some of the issues with the cursor not behaving properly in the textarea.

But if you use a textarea as the editor in a column, the textarea behaves properly and scrolls with the grid row. I've looked at the Ext source code for creating the column editor, but I can't really see how they achieve that. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.