View Full Version : ios local notification vs push notifications - your thoughts

16 Feb 2013, 2:17 PM
I am just starting to learn this subject and I bumped into local and push notifications.
I was wondering. both can solve my needs. but which one is more suitable?
lets assume a weather push service that notifies users when temperature rises over some threshold (threshold is personal to each users and is entered by the user upon app startup for example).

I can use local notifications to periodically wake up on the device side, poll data form the server, see of temperature is above the threshold and raise a notification to the user if needed. Or, I can register to the apple notification server, have my server go over all users periodically, check their defined threshold, and decide if to send them a push notification

I am developing both the server and the client so I have to decide upon the architecture.
if I use push notifications I have to:
- manage devices/device tokens inventory on the server side
- do extra processing on the server side to determine when to send the notif
-push notifs cause X amount of push messages to the notif server at a time (X being NOT GREATER then the number of users of the app - probably a lot less cause each user has its own threshold)
if I use local notifs I have to:
- schedule many local notifications (say every hour) and have the client device do the polling from the server, do some calc and decide if to raise a push.
-local notifs cause X amount of polls form the server to get current data (X being EXACTLY the number of users of the app as the client must poll data regardless of if actual notification is eventually shown)

I think sencha currently supports push type but this is an architectural discussion.
I would love to here your opinion on this matter.
thanks in advance.