View Full Version : Selenium Automation tool for Sencha

12 Feb 2013, 11:25 PM
Hello Sencha Experts,

We have an web application which is build on Ext Js code. We have used Selenium as an automation tool to record and play our test scripts for web application testing.

Since, we don't have any predefined name / id for our UI object attributes in our Ext Js code, we have use XPath:Position in selenium to locate and perform operations on object.

For example; a click on button object would be used in selenium script would look like this:

The above approach works fine with our scripts which is been based on run time generated HTML code structure using Sencha.

Now, we have a concern when our application uses new version of Ext Js / Sencha library in future, will the generated html structure code using new version while running the application will be different when compared to already recorded positions of objects in our script?

In short, does the new Ext Js / Sencha library will modify the internal HTML structure of an application when compared to previous version library? If this is the case, then we can't use our recorded selenium scripts as a regression candidate.

Kindly suggests your expert views on above issue.