View Full Version : How to get filtered columns( dataset ) from grid table

6 Feb 2013, 8:57 PM
Hi experts , I have created a grid with filter option for each coulumn , now if I want for example to know the coumns that has been selected and filtered by once a button is clicked . let say that I have these columns

Column Name data type
C1 String
C2 Numeric
C3 list
C4 Date

and user filter C2 the numeric column and select less than 80, for C3 selected 2 values small and large , for C1 selected one value " Asia "

so I want to my filter to give me like this

C1 ="Asia"
C2 " <80"
C3 "small , large "

I mean the column which is filtered and the corresponded value choose for each column

thanks alot

8 Feb 2013, 11:44 AM
You should be able to get the data off the filters feature.