View Full Version : Problem while build jsb3

28 Jan 2013, 12:51 AM
Hi All,

I have a jsb3 file.

at the end it's having
"name": "Application - Production",
"target": "app-all.js",
"compress": true,
"files": [
"path": "",
"name": "all-classes.js"
"path": "",
"name": "app.js"
But when im trying to create build ie.,

sencha build -p my.jsb3 -d /.

Then i'm getting the output as

Loading the Project Name Project
Loaded 0 Packages
Loaded 2 Builds
* Parse all-classes.js with options:
- debug: true
- debugLevel: 1
[ERROR] File 'projectlocation/app/all-classes.js' is either not existent or unreadble
* Parse app-all.js with options:
- debug: false
- debugLevel: 1
* Compress and obfuscate app-all.js...
Copy resources...
Done building!

Why [ERROR] File '~/app/all-classes.js' is either not existent or unreadble'.

Can anybody suggest hw to overcome?