View Full Version : Applet render issue ( unable to access the applets methods or variable )

22 Jan 2013, 12:00 AM
Hi ,
I have been using ExtJs 3.4. i have introduced the use of applet here which function is of uploading certain files.The problem i am facing here is that i am unable to access the applets methods or variable.

The scenerio is i have created a viewport which has a panel . And again there is tab panel.
The applet is rendered to the first tab panel.

1) The browser is identifying it as applet before the dolayout method of the viewport but after the dolayout it is identified as htmlDOMelement.
2) The applet is getting loaded twice.
Browser : IE 8 / 9 (works with FF & chrome)
please let me know with a possible work around regarding this issue.
Thanks in advance.