View Full Version : Memory consumption in official ExtJS 4.1 example

14 Jan 2013, 7:36 AM
Hi to everyone, I have been working with the official example of Web Desktop (version 4.1.1) in Chrome (version 23).

I wanted to examine the behaviour of memory consumption, so I tried the following senario:
I open-close several times the "settings" window-popup. I took a series of heap snapshots from debugger console after repeating this senario for e.g. 20 times.

I noticed that the size of the snapshot keeps increasing and after a few minutes it grows up to 10-15MB (it started aprroximately at 15Mb and with consecutives show/hides reached about 30Mb.

The observation that made me worry was the memory consumption of chrome process in Task Manager. The same pattern (keeps increasing) is also hapenning.

The expected behaviour is that the memory size should remain at the same level and not keep increasing (of course i only have 1 chrome process with only 1 tab).

Why is this happening? Is there something I overlook?

14 Jan 2013, 12:09 PM
Where as this could be code related, there's no telling what Chrome's garbage collector is doing and how often is runs.