View Full Version : Text fields are disabled when using Extjs 3.4 only in IE9

18 Dec 2012, 12:10 AM
Hi , am using extjs3.4 in my application and when i see the same in IE9 the whole application was disabled (greyed out)then i replaced the miframe.js with the latest version then it started working. However the text fields inside the dialog or panel are not focusing and unable to type in anything there. Basically its a trigger field with a search trigger.Please suggest rest of application works fine in IE9Regards,kailasskumar.M

19 Dec 2012, 2:11 PM
So this sounds like the miframe is affecting it as you remove it and it works. Sounds like a bug with it.

20 Dec 2012, 12:32 AM
Thanks mitchellsimoens, However if i don't have miframe the application completely fails.The text field issues happen only in IE9 and in other browsers it works fine. i have mentioned miframe coz until i replace the miframe with latest version the whole application looks disabled.(greyed out ). our application was using ExtJs 3.1 earlier ,where in IE9 everything failed ,once 3.1 is replaced with 3.4 files , then it expects latest Miframe.js to be updated.After doing so now the application is in this state where only text fields and search triggers are not working. Hope this explains the scenario. Here is the piece of code written for this search browse functionality which is not working*****************************************************this.bbar = new Ext.Toolbar({ items: [ new Ext.form.TriggerField({ id:'browseSearch', inputType :'text', emptyText:'Search browse tree', width:159, triggerClass: 'x-form-search-trigger', browsePanel: this, bodyPadding: 10, allowBlank: false, onTriggerClick: function(e) { var searchTerm = this.getRawValue(); this.browsePanel.executeSearch(searchTerm); }, listeners: { specialkey: function(field, evt) { if (evt.getKey() == evt.RETURN || evt.getKey() == evt.ENTER ) { var searchTerm = field.getRawValue(); this.browsePanel.executeSearch(searchTerm); } } } }), ********************************************

21 Dec 2012, 5:41 AM
Hi ,there is an update to the post, Am able to focus when selected the Textfields thru "Tab" click. Only mouse click events are not working.Could you please in writing code to focus the same thru mouse click or else please provide me some sample for this. Thank you.