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13 Dec 2012, 7:16 AM
Hi there,

I have json data in the following format. How can I configure the store to parse this ?

"{"DocSearchResults":{"count":2,"hits":[{"checksum":"27561abb53fcff7739b67722ecc580864b6e7ef0ec504fc3b1314586c3ec1a43","fileName":"c:\\Temp\\Index-data\\Statement133_from_Maravilla (1).pdf","fileType":"PDF","fragment":"Statement\n\nDate\n\n11\/1\/2012\n\nTo:\n\nHijat Singh\n\n9090 West 88 Circle\n\nBroomfield, CO 80021\n\nHijat Singh\n\n9090 West 88 Circle\n\nBroomfield, CO 80021\n\nMaravilla Owners' Association\n\n9520 Seawall Boulevard\n\nGalveston, TX 77554\n\nDue Date\n\n11\/1\/2012\n\nDue Date\n\n11\/1\/2012\n\nAccount #\n\nMaravilla 120\n\nMaravilla 120\n\nAccount #\n\nAmount Due\n\n$390.85\n\nAmount Due\n\n$390.85\n\nAmount Paid\n\[email protected]\n\nPlease detach & mail with payment to:\n\nMaravilla Owners' Association, Inc.\n\n9520 Seawall Boulevard\n\nGalveston, TX 77554\n\n***Late fee of $30.00 will be charged if payment\n\nin full is not received by 15th of month. Common\n\nutilities will be disconnected if balance due\n\nreaches three months of HOA Fees. A Utility Fee\n\nof $200.00 will apply. Owner is responsible for\n\nall fees associated with collection efforts.***\n\nPlease provide <B>email<\/B> address:_________________________________________\n\nBalances shown are total amounts due to date. \n\nIf a credit (negative) amount is shown this\n\nreflects accounts","hitNumber":1},{"checksum":"962df9a72ff63c205d5bb858e6b05820b4e06bda9ae16b2a9a5b3e0b8647a584","fileName":"c:\\Temp\\Index-data\\Gurvinder S Brar CV.pdf","fileType":"PDF","fragment":"1 \n \n\nGURVINDER S BRAR \n<B>Email<\/B>: [email protected] \n\nMobile: 240 888 0560 \n\n \n\nENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER \nSeeking a challenging role in the field of Environmental Engineering \n\nI am passionate about our environment and interested in developing long term career in \n\nEnvironmental Engineering. My ambition is backed by my education and experience in various \n\nareas of Environmental Engineering i.e water &waste water treatment,Environment Impact \n\nAssessment studies etc. I am open to new options and interested in gaining experience related to \n\nmy interests and to expand my skills and learning. I am a positive person who would relish the \n\nprospect of utilizing my strength in working with people towards a sustainable future. \n\nRELEVANT SKILLS \n\n? 6+ Years of Professional Experience in various disciplines of wastewater treatment i.e \n\nDesign,Installation,Commissioning,Operation and Maintenance. \n\n? In depth knowledge of Waste Water Treatment processes and Practices for Domestic Wastewater","hitNumber":2}]}}"

15 Dec 2012, 8:05 AM
It seems like you are returning a string not json. Also use jsonlint.com to easily format the json so you can read it.