View Full Version : Firefox is reloading the page when inner window is created

5 Dec 2012, 3:32 AM
Hi guys,

I have extended Ext.BoxComponent to do an hyperlink button. So, onClick is creating an inner window for some defined hyperlink and it is working fine, even in firefox.

Then I have created a treePanel and my node has a property whick is custom "popup hyperlink".

When "onNodeClick" I just fire the "onClick" event in the popup hyperlink. It is also working fine in IE and Chrome, but in firefox when "onNodeClick" the page gets reloaded, so the popup window open and close instantly.

I have already tried "stopPropagation", "preventDefault" and "stopEvent" in the node level. Didn't work.

Anyone of you have any clue?

7 Dec 2012, 7:55 AM
e.stopEvent(); stops the browser from handling the anchor click and stops the event from propagating and works for me.

7 Dec 2012, 8:00 AM
BiNGO. Just figure that out!

But why only in Firefox?

Well ... when I was thinking about it, it was kinda Firefox is the only correct implementation. If we don't stop the event it should propagate right?