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22 Nov 2012, 5:57 AM

In the commercial ExtJS license terms, there is a clause:

The license prohibits combining code that you develop using a GPL licensed version of the software with code that you develop using a commercial licensed version. In other words, you may not begin development with our GPL version and then "convert" it to our commercial version.
I've just got a whole stack of software I developed using the GPL version; according to the license, I can now never buy a license and access the latest versions of ExtJS for that software unless I rewrite all of it? I don't understand.

Another point is that I used a licensed commercial version a few months back, but then a newer GPL version came out and I upgraded to that, and let the license expire... so my order of development went "develop software with GPL version. Install commercial version, continue development (which is apparently illegal??). Install newer GPL version, don't renew commercial version (is this illegal?)"

So did I break the law? What am I legally required to do now?


22 Nov 2012, 6:35 AM
You can contact [email protected] and they will usually work something out with you if you are upfront which you are being.

Do note, the Sencha offices are closed today and tomorrow due to US Holiday.