View Full Version : AsyncTreeNode - reload - xml

31 Jan 2008, 8:13 AM
i've added a AsyncTreeNode to my page. now i want to refresh this tree every 15 sek without reloading the whole site. so i thought i can use java and xml to refresh the AsyncTreeNode.

my tree look like this here:
- user
|- name 1
|- name 2
|- name 3
- dummy
|- name 4
|- name 5

now i want that name goaes to user-node and name 1 goes to the dummy-node.
sure i could just change the texts, but what is if i just want to put name 5 to the user-node and nothing more?

so is there an easy way to update the tree with xml and java, or is there another good way to update the AsyncTreeNode without reloading the whole site?

thanks hibbert