View Full Version : Iframe reload problem

14 Nov 2012, 12:18 AM
Now, I'm creating a page iframe embbeded inside of a extjs-container (border layout).

The embbeded page also contains heavy javascript and style sheet. So it was hard to me to harmonize with extjs in one page.

Commonly, It works well, but when I try to resize browser or collapse iframe-panel, everytime it reload the page.

It means I can't maintain the some state.

I tried 3 ways.

1. html config option

2. contentEl option

3. Ext.ux.IFrame

But all of them reloads everytime when I resize or collapse.

Please let me know some way to solve this.

14 Nov 2012, 4:15 AM
Can you post a piece of code? I tried a case on a tabpanel but nothing reloads

14 Nov 2012, 7:07 PM
Thank you.

I just solved this by overriding a function written in following topic.