View Full Version : Grids' scroll bars stop working after multiple loading of data of various sizes

7 Nov 2012, 11:28 PM
I've got a serious problem with grid's vertical scroll bar when I load data into the grid frequently and specially when the loaded data has a size of zero. It comes from that the user can set some time periods to get the time series data between the period, and when the set period has no data I load an empty store into the grid, so when the user change the period to a one that has some data, the scroll bar stops working as dragging it up and down has no effect on the grid's view. The ridicules point is that it doesn't happen all the time with this scenario but most of the time. I searched community and tried everything that has mentioned about the grid's scroll bar problems but no one worked.
I use the grid in a panel and it's layout is fit and autoScroll is enabled.

8 Nov 2012, 4:20 AM
before reloading a store I always do this


9 Nov 2012, 8:56 PM
hi tvanzoelen.
thanks for your answer. but i tested your approach and my problem didn't resolve. (:|

12 Nov 2012, 2:53 AM
I guess you are using some version before 4.1. Try to upgrade - they have mostly eliminated use of virtual scroll.
Also you may try to set Ext.panel.Table.scroll to 'vertical'.

14 Nov 2012, 10:47 PM
Yes. I'm using 4.0.7 .but currently i cant upgrade.
but I changed the grid config to this:


and my problem solved.