View Full Version : 4.0.7 to 4.1.3 upgrade - Chart problem

7 Nov 2012, 2:37 PM
Hi there,
I am wondering if anyone knows of a solution to a problem we're having due to a change in the charting package.
As an example, take a line chart with x-axis and y-axis range of [0,10]. I have two data points in the chart store with coordinates [-1,5], and [11,5] (effectively outside the x-bounds). In 4.0.7, this still rendered a line connecting the two points, though the markers for them are not rendered. In 4.1.3, no connecting line is rendered at all.
This is important to us b/c we have implemented a trending component that is constantly updating. Time is on the x-axis, and it is updated every second in order to show the any new data within the configured time frame. Since the x-axis range is always changing to show current data (range == [NOW - chartInterval, NOW]), the data points and connecting lines appear to move across the chart from right to left. When a point moves off of the left side of the chart (and the adjacent point to it's right still sits within the x-axis bounds), the connecting line b/w them disappears leaving a potentially large blank area.
Does anyone know of a way to continue to show this line without say, interpolating to the actual x-axis minimum and inserting an artificial point at that time (without showing a marker)?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

9 Nov 2012, 9:30 AM
hmm... I have a line series that has gaps in data points but the line is still there where as other series may have data points within the gap in the other.

9 Nov 2012, 1:38 PM
hey, thanks for getting back to me!
Are your data points within the x-axis bounds? In my test, if the two adjacent data points are within the X range, they will be plotted with a connecting line. However if one of them is just outside the X range and the other still remains inside it, no line will be drawn b/w them. 4.0.7 still drew the line in the second case and this functionality is what I need in 4.1.3.