View Full Version : Save Gridpanel data into .PDF fomate

5 Nov 2012, 8:48 PM
I am using Ext js 3.4.0.

I got printed grid panel data in .xps format using this link http://edspencer.net/2009/07/printing-grids-with-ext-js.html
But i want to save grid panel in .pdf format?
What i want do to for this?

Using that above link i got printed grid panel data in .xps format and it will be working only firebox and IE but i won't be working in Chrome browser?
what can i do for this?

Please help me if you know anyone?

7 Nov 2012, 11:10 AM
That code does nothing special to get it in xps or anything. It shows simple HTML so you could print via the browser dialog. So it's up to the browser to support printing in that format.

7 Nov 2012, 8:30 PM
I have problem for displaying image using this code because they are getting data from store but i am using external image.so i can't get image an PDF.

So I am using server side code for creating PDF.