View Full Version : How to I prevent loadexception from firing if leave page before grid finishes loading

30 Jan 2008, 7:27 AM
Currently when I have a grid loading on a page, and I click on another link on the page to take me to another URL, the loadexception event fires and displays an Exception, since I have a loadexception handler.

Is there something I could look for to either A) prevent the loadexception from even firing on such an event (leaving the page) or B) capture that the user is going to another URL in my loadexception handler and just simply not display an error message?

(I searched the forums and didn't this problem come up, but possibly my search criteria is off, so if it's been addressed elsewhere, I'd appreciate a link. Thanks so much.)

4 Feb 2008, 11:27 AM
Just trying a quick bump of this post from a week ago.

If it's a really dumb question, maybe some pointers on what search phrases to use?

I figured others must have run into this before but can't seem to find any significant hits searching.

4 Feb 2008, 12:36 PM
Maybe , in the loadException handler you can see the status of the request aborted .. and if this is the case (aborted or cancelled or something like that), then do nothing.