View Full Version : Error while creating modal window

23 Oct 2012, 6:00 AM
I think this sounds very simple and trivial but as I'm getting nowhere with google, I'm asking for help:

I need a form to pop up when I click a button inside a 'main' form.
I have a Ext.form.Panel as main GUI component
inside it, there is a button.
This button handler tries to create a Ext.Window
But I get the following message when I click that button:

Uncaught Ext.panel.Table.initComponent(): A column configuration must be specified

The error points to the line calling the method that creates the Ext.Window

I'm kinda lost here, does someone has a hint about how to properly open a modal form (Panel, window, whatever) when clicking a button?


23 Oct 2012, 6:11 AM
I found the error: I was trying to put a grid inside it but in the incorrect way.

But it would be easier if Ext had pointed the correct line (and correct error message) where the error happened.

EDIT : To be more specific, I defined a store for a grid but did not defined the columns configuration.