View Full Version : Add Record to a Grid as Modified

20 Oct 2012, 6:56 PM
I am giving my users a batch insert functionality where they paste in a coma separated string of records. When the hit the add button, it loops through and adds the records to the store which inturn makes them show up in the grid. What would be ideal is if they could show up in the grid as modified or dirty records. Our update button combs through the getModifiedRecords array, so if my users could import the stuff into the grid, make sure all is well before writing back to the server in case their was an error in their coma separation, and then hit the update button. I can't just use the setDirty function because it does not give the red dirty flag for the individual cells and the getModifiedRecords array is empty.

21 Oct 2012, 6:42 PM
You should check records that are returned from both <store>.getModifiedRecords() and <store>.getNewRecords() not only with <store>.getModifiedRecords().