View Full Version : TypeError: this.resizer.proxy is null

18 Oct 2012, 1:46 AM
Hi everybody!
I'm working with a WebDesktop application done with EXT JS 3 and I have a window like this:
winReports = desktop.createWindow({
id: this.id,
iconCls: this.appIco,
title: 'Reports',

width: 1000,
height: 525,
shim: false,
animCollapse: false,
layout: 'border',
constrainHeader: true,
defaults: {
split: true,
border: true
items: [trReports, tpReports]

I get this error when , after closing it with the "X" button right up, I try to open this window again clicking on the desktop icon. The window doesn't open and I get the error: TypeError: this.resizer.proxy is null.
If I refresh with F5 and then I click again on the icon, the wondow opens!
Have you an idea of what is appening?

23 Oct 2012, 6:18 AM
Is this an Ext JS 3 question?