View Full Version : How to cancel a file upload and why can't I re-submit the same file?

16 Oct 2012, 2:29 AM

I have a Window with a form embedded within it (xtype:'form'), within that it has a single file-field (xtype:'filefield').

Q1 - When I submit the form it uploads a CSV file and what I would like to do is give the user the ability to cancel the upload during the upload. How is this possible? I can't see any 'abort' or 'cancel' operations.

Q2 - Additionally, I noticed that when an error is returned from my server and I try to re-submit the same file, I'm told that the file is 'empty' - it's as though the previously selected file is 'forgotten' by extjs? If I close my window and re-open it, select the file again, it works.

This is using version 4.0.1a.


22 Oct 2012, 8:44 AM
When you submit a form that has a file field, it creates a <form> element and then submits that form which does not support canceling.