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16 Oct 2012, 1:19 AM
I use ExtJS 3.2.1.
I'd like to display a chart (for example a simple column chart) that displays 2 different values for the same category (for example Drink = 3 and Drink = 5: in the simple column chart example I'd like to have 2 different columns for "Drink" category). I know that it does not make a great sense, but in my case I have data with unique codes and non-unique descriptions: when querying the database I use codes, then I substitute codes with their descriptions and I'd like to display results as a chart. Unfortunately I have several codes with identical description. When I display the chart, the chart displays each category only once, but some values are lost (considering the previous example, the chart displays Drink = 5, the Drink = 3 is not visible and also tooltips are wrong, also for other categories).
How can I display the same category twice? Can I use actual codes in the category definition and then use a formatter to replace codes with descriptions?
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22 Oct 2012, 6:06 AM
So you need two series with different fields?