View Full Version : how to hide the items of the fieldset?

Devendar G
8 Oct 2012, 2:50 AM
Hi all,
I am struggling one problem that, when I am hiding an item in the FieldSet, Then the allocated column width of that item is occupied by another item of that fieldset. So that my field set view is completely disturbing. How can i over come this problem. please provide a solution.
thanks in advance.


8 Oct 2012, 9:10 AM
You will need to provide more information about how your layout is setup and please provide a screen as well.


Devendar G
8 Oct 2012, 10:48 PM
Hi Scott, Thanks for responding.

here is my screen shot, related code and description.

var fieldSet1 = {
xtype : 'fieldset',
id : 'b1',
monitorValid: true,
hideBorders : true,
frame: false,
header: false,
maskOnDisable : false,
hideLabel : true ,
monitorResize : false,
style: 'border-width: 0px',
width: 650,
height : 60,
layout: 'column',
items : [ {columnWidth: .21,border:false,html:'Bucket1'},
{columnWidth: .07,border:false,items : greaterField1},
{columnWidth: .12,border:false, items:bucket1_nf1},
{columnWidth: .07,border:false,html:'To'},
{columnWidth: .18,border:false, items:bucket1_nf2}]
var fieldSet2 = {........ };
var fieldSet3 = {...... }
var fieldSet7 = { ...... }

and I have to add these field sets to to form panel dynamically based upon the button('One More Bucket') click. Whenever I click the button it need to add one extra bucket to the form and at the same time the '>=' Label (2nd item of FieldSet) of the previous field set should not be visible and view of the panel should not be disturbed.

when it is happening, the view of the form panel is disturbing.
So please provide a way to overcome from it .

Thanks in advance,