View Full Version : Problem with empty text config of sencha list

3 Oct 2012, 6:03 AM

I am using EmptyText for a list to show “No Data” text when list is empty.The problem is,I get this text even when store loading is in progress.I want to show this text only once store data loading is finished and there is no data to show in the list.I used also deferEmptyText to resolve this issue, but of no use. Please suggest me for the same.

3 Oct 2012, 7:19 PM
Have a look at the refresh function to override the default behavior.

You would most likely need to clear it after you remove the records instead of waiting for the refresh to take place to update display.

if (records.length < 1) {
if (!me.deferEmptyText || me.hasSkippedEmptyText) {
Ext.core.DomHelper.insertHtml('beforeEnd', targetEl.dom, me.emptyText);
} else {
me.all.fill(Ext.query(me.getItemSelector(), targetEl.dom));