View Full Version : Grid summary feature and Number Column does not render total

1 Oct 2012, 7:10 AM

I have a grid with a groupsummary feature, a summary feature and some Number Rows that displays data in format 0,000.00.

The thing is the field has a summaryType "sum" and a summaryRenderer that displays the total in bold.

But it displays nothing, it works with normal cells (not Number Column).

Also, in Sencha Architect 2.1.0 build 640 Number Column has no summary or summaryRender properties available.

How do I use Number Column to format the number and display the sum of the column using summary feature ? It is probably a bug, or maybe I am doing something wrong.

The only thing I can do is change the rendered of a normal cell and use Ext.util.Format to return the formatted string (1,010.00) in the total using normal numbers (1010) in the grid.

Long story short, Number Column and summary feature doesn't seems to work when using a formatted field to get the sum in Sencha Architect.

Thanks in advance.

2 Jul 2014, 3:43 PM
Not yet solved??