View Full Version : How to add a custom field to record when saving

7 Sep 2012, 5:53 AM

I have a gridview with users. Each user has a password. When requesting the data from the server to display the grid of users I do not send the passwords. But I do display a column "Password" in the grid which shows a fake password for the user in a password field.
I have a rowediting model so a user can be edited by doubleclicking the row and the password field can be edited. On save I want to send the modified user data to the server and this includes the password field value.
Problem is, since I didn't include the Password column in my ArrayReader it is not sent to the server

So I do not request the column "Password" initially but I _do_ want to send it to the server on save... How can I do this???

I use Ext 3.4

7 Sep 2012, 6:22 AM
Ok, I sent a column "Password" with a fake password so the submit contains the password value entered by user.