View Full Version : Radiogroup and Check Box load from JSON Record

23 Aug 2012, 7:35 PM
Dear all.,

I have Radiogroup and Checkbox in my form.And Also my Json string look like follows.

{'d': [{"_ListDefinitionName":"SampleTable1","_Description":"microtenancy_SampleTable1",

I Need to show _FileType in Radiogroup

Radio Group Code

{xtype: 'radiofield', boxLabel: 'Fixed length text', name: 'rbFileType', inputValue: 1},
{xtype: 'radiofield', boxLabel: 'Delimited files', name: 'rbFileType', inputValue: 2},
{xtype: 'radiofield', boxLabel: 'Excel', name: 'rbFileType', inputValue: 3}

Check box Code

{ xtype: 'checkboxgroup', width: 200,vertical: true, columns: 1,

items: [
xtype: 'checkboxfield',
boxLabel: 'Ignore Header Row on Import',
name: 'cbIgnoreHeaderRowonImport'
xtype: 'checkboxfield',
boxLabel: 'Ignore Footer Record on Import',
name: 'cbIgnoreFooterRecordonImport'

Otherwise will you please try to give sample Code,I will implement in my project.

Than you.