View Full Version : Row Editing Grid with Gorwable TextArea

22 Aug 2012, 10:01 AM
I have a requirement where i need to use the RowEditing gird with growable text area.While using Row editing grid i am facing few issues:

1.As I am using gorwable textarea inside row Editing grid, if i enter more than 2 rows of data in text area field i am getting scroll bar, where i need to use scroll bar to view the data captured in text area, alos i am getting update and cancel button for the editing text area cell . The buttons are not realigning as the textarea row size grows.Due to this i am losing the functionality of growable text area inside grid.

2. I have add button to add a new row in gird ,if i enter data in text area and click on update button data should be captured , if the user click cancel button data entered in text area should be cleared and the newly added row should be deleted from the gird.

kindly guide me on this.