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17 Aug 2012, 5:31 AM

I've been using Architect 2 almost full-time recently and I've noticed a few quirks with it. I wanted to see if perhaps I'm not doing something correctly or if they're known issues. They seem like pretty fundamental issues so I'm surprised I don't see more posts about them and, for this reason, I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong. The most pressing issue I'm having right now relates to Design views. For some reason, when selecting a view or component or container in the component inspector, the view is not being rendered in the Design window. It is not consistent. For example, for a Grid panel that I've promoted to a class, the view works fine. For other Grid views that have not been promoted, all I can see is the parent container. I am unable to see how the Grid and it's controls are laid out. I'm using Architect version 2.0 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank You,
M. McConnell