View Full Version : how to make the rowEditor as a modal

15 Aug 2012, 8:02 PM
I need to make the rowEditor of a gridpanel as a modal .Can anyone suggest me how I can proceed. I have tried with
var rowEditor = new Ext.ux.grid.plugin.RowEditing({
pluginId :'contactRowEditor',
saveText: 'Update',
clicksToEdit: 1,
monitorValid: true,
modal: true
and adding this to the 'plugins' config of the grid. But it didn't work.

Please help me.

15 Aug 2012, 11:11 PM
I've not used the rowEditor plugin, so I'm going to be making assumptions here - but does it not have any event listeners which you can hook into, to manually create the mask on show (attached to the page document for example) and unmask on clicking the save button?

You might need to also play with the z-index of the rowEditor instance to appear above any mask...