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19 Feb 2007, 10:55 PM
I thought I remember seeing sprites being used for component themes somewhere in the forum. Is this still a planned feature?

20 Feb 2007, 1:30 AM
Yes. Many of the components use sprites. It may be possible to combine the sprites of several components into one monster sprite, that may be worth investigating. :)

3 Jul 2008, 5:28 AM
sorry to reborn such an old thread but I am currently investigating how to improve the user experience of our application and I am facing the sprite solution.

The main problem with our application is loading time : once in the browser, it is deadly fast.

We follow the Yahoo performance rules (very good improvements with the js + css combine and the cache).

Finally, we are at the point where the bottleneck is the images in extjs.
Even with an expires header of 1 year, we still have business customers that need to download the application every day, including the images (because their IT clears their IE cache every day).

The main culprit we see is the number of HTTP requests : we have LOTS of customers that have such a poor connection establishment that downloading 88 images < 1ko (like in a ext page where you used ext-all.js and ext-all.css) takes up to 2minutes (not seconds, minutes !) whereas downloading a 100ko images takes less than 1 second, i.e the badwidth is OK, this is the connection establishment which is bad

So my point is : does someone have investigate the sprite techniques in EXTJS to reduce the number of images downloaded by the client ?

site note : warning with sprites : do not use too big sprites (i.e > 100ko) because IE6 sometimes badly use its memory (ex 1 img sprite used 50 times in a page => 50 times the image in memory - only with ctrl+F5 or first time downloading, I do not know why)

So doing one big sprite with all images is not the solution, the solution is somehow 1 sprite per big component (like for ex : grid panel)

Hope someone can help me,



1 May 2009, 11:33 AM
I'm writing in this topic because it seems related to my question:
I've created a sprite, but now I see that the items of the TabPanel doesn't display the icons correctly (I use iconCls). The icons are not centered in the tab strip but appears at the top.
See it in action: http://www.burlaca.com/aerosql-demo/
user/pass: demo/demo
I've made a screenshot also.
See the icon inside the Delete button at the bottom of the grid? it's not in the middle.