View Full Version : Combining ExtJS 4.1 with Sencha mobile 2 in mvc-application

8 Aug 2012, 10:20 PM
Hy there,

i'm having a pretty general question:

I just started to develop a desktop-application with ExtJS 4.1 & the MVC-Pattern. At a later date i would like to optimize this app for mobiles phones too.

Is it possible to use the controllers & models of the desktop-app and just insert some specific mobile-views which are developed with sencha touch or do i have to rewrite the whole application for mobile devices with all the controllers, models & views with sencha touch?

I'm sorry if this question would be answered easily by searching the forum or using google but i just didn't find any useful hint even though i searched those sources...

Thanks & greets,


8 Aug 2012, 10:28 PM
Ok, 6 minutes after starting this thread I'm really sorry for doing it because i just found the answer in this forum and it seems like i'm gonna have to develop 2 different applications...

Sorry for starting this thread...