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2 Aug 2012, 8:47 PM
Hello everyone,
I will be thankful for your advice concening sencha animator/other sencha products-
I am willing to create native android apps that will be kind of simple animation "toys" and to sell them on google play etc.
I am able to provide the images and animations but need a tool to be able to create the app, with the interactivity features(as well as make a use with the device's movement feature and reaction to external sounds feature etc.)
For example-
An animation of a mouse that reacts to external voice- when speaking to the mobile device, the mouse moves(each time differently), etc.
I do not program and come from animation, so I need a "drag and drop" solution or something that might be easy enough for me to use.
I also prefer to use html5 in the apps, so they will be good for many devices.
I will be thankful for your advice about the best software for such a task-

Is it the sencha aniamtor or sencha touch (or other) ?
Thank you for the info.
Kind regards,
The Animationist

3 Aug 2012, 6:46 AM
Sencha Animator does have a free trial for you to try it. Animator will output HTML so you will have to wrap that in a native container to get it as an app on Android. The animation support on Android 2.x devices is also limited. For more in-depth information on Animator I suggest you should take a look at our documentation.

Sencha Touch is a framework, and you would have to do a decent amount of coding. If you you are interested in Sencha Touch you should also take a look at Sencha Architect where you can build Sencha Touch apps.

4 Aug 2012, 9:24 AM