View Full Version : Making Entire Website With Extjs

15 Jul 2012, 9:55 AM
I am new extjs user and have a question. Can i use extjs for my entire website's UI?
For example, how can i create a navigation bar. I created a custom panel component, in which i wanted to create navigation bar from html and css but i can't use html and css in it. I used "html: '...' " but it is impossible to use.

I think, it is possible to use extjs for entire website, because "MVC" would have no point if it isn't possible.

15 Jul 2012, 10:12 PM
Ext JS is an enterprise level web application framework. You will actually hurt your *website* if you take the approach used for building web apps.
- your content will not be as indexable (SEO) due to the content being stored in JavaScript objects
- the framework is too big for websites. It takes too much of the precious time you would otherwise use for impressing a user. There's a three-second rule for attracting viewer's attention, and you don't want to spend precious seconds on downloading a couple of megs worth of framework (with additional resources)
- mobile users will likely experience your site slow
- and so on..

If you decide to use Ext JS for that project, you will probably end up using XTemplates a lot. That will help you with the menus and a whole bunch of other stuff