View Full Version : Area Chart with Mix, Max Values

2 Jul 2012, 9:11 AM

I am currently using ExtJS 4.1 and our customer would like to have an area chart with min and max values (Range Chart?). Somethink like this http://www.valentinois.net/forums/weatherd/anychart/anychart/help/docs/img/Samples/Sample-Range-chart-Waterfall-chart-with-style-Ext.jpg
In detail i would need a range area chart which has the same positiv value like the negative one (eg.: [FROM(min),TO(max)] in March, [300,-300] in April,[100,-100] in May, ...).

In addition i would need to place a column series inside of the area chart, which shouldnt be a problem ... hopefully.

Thank you in advance,