View Full Version : grid with cellediting, beforeedit and tabbing

27 Jun 2012, 3:59 AM
I have a grid with cellediting where I use the beforeedit event to make some cells readonly. The problem is that tabbing does not work as expected. When I tab to a readonly cell the tabbing does not continue on the row, but ends up somewhere else.

29 Jun 2012, 7:55 AM
This behaves the same as if you hit tab when the row is selected, but not in edit mode on a cell.. it leaves the grid. You would have to create an override to perform what you are looking for.

I would guess that you want it to go to the next field that allows editing.
The issue here is that you are setting RO in the editor at runtime in before and and there is no property set in the cell to denote it is readOnly.

You would have to set the field to RO using setReadOnly to allow for this. This other issue is that after you find the non RO field, you would need to place it in edit mode to alert the user that they have indeed moved to the next available field.