View Full Version : Updating Server when using XML

10 Feb 2007, 2:19 AM
Firstly, I have found this system an enormous benefit in getting to know ajax, xml and javascript. I just have a question that is probably very basic, but I just can't find reference to it.

I am using the updateable grids, and they do everything I hoped for, but how do I get the client to communicate the changes back to the server. If someone could give me an example, or point me to the doco then I would really appreciate it.



10 Feb 2007, 7:53 AM
XmlDataModel has a method called getDocument that returns the xml document. For some reason the method isn't flagged public or doc'd so it's not appearing in the online doc.

The underlying xml document is kept in sync as changes are made via the grid, so you just push this back to the server and process it to update your DB. There's no facility for indicating which rows changed in the datamodel, so if you want to be more granular with your updates, you'll have to build that functionality (e.g. Add, Delete, Insert indicators, and/or edit flags on individual cells).