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17 Oct 2006, 8:08 PM
Two questions I guess.
I love your DomHelper. I'm very impressed and would like include this in most of my pages. My question is: How dependent is it on the rest of your files? Do I need to include the yutil-min.js also?

I don't quite get your JSBuilder. If I just check the DomHelper and build, it puts just the domhelper-min.js in the directory. Does this mean that it doesn't depend on anything else? Is that how that works?

18 Oct 2006, 2:25 AM
JS Builder doesn't know about dependencies. It would be nice though. :)

DomHelper depends only on YAHOO.util.Dom. In (the latest version) it can also return YAHOO.ext.Element objects with an optional boolean 3rd param and if you use that, you'd need to include yui-ext-core.js.

If you do include DomHelper by itself, you will need to define the YAHOO.ext namespace before including the file: